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Randall Denley is a veteran journalist who has been a reporter, news editor, city editor and columnist, primarily at the Ottawa Citizen. Unlike the fictional Kris Redner, his specialty is politics, not crime, but there is sometimes a fine line between the two.

Denley is a native of London, Ontario, and graduated in journalism from the University of Western Ontario. He began his newspaper career at the Owen Sound Sun-Times in Grey County. Like the Adirondacks, Grey County is an area noted for strange small towns and trout fishing.

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Denley is the author of two previous novels. The mystery Necessary Victims was serialized in the Citizen in 2004, introducing the columnist’s fiction to more than 300,000 potential readers. As a writer, Denley is interested in both satire and crime novels. His second book, The Perfect Candidate is a political satire set at Ottawa City Hall. It was published in 2006 and involves an NHL hockey enforcer turned talk radio show host who rather unexpectedly stumbles into the race for mayor.

Denley has been married to his wife Linda for a remarkably long time and is the father of two adult sons. When he’s not writing newspaper columns or novels, Denley likes to listen to blues music and read the novels of Elmore Leonard and James Lee Burke.

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